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Build your own Bali...

Build your own Bali...

There are very few places on earth that is as unique as Bali. To those of you who have been fortunate to experience it yourself, you know exactly what I am talking about.

This post is for those of you who have not yet been able to experience first-hand what magic Bali holds. The peace and tranquillity found is unmatched. The warmth of the locals is sincere and the nature scenes takes your breath away. I remember posting a “selfie” taken next to a rice paddy terrace. Everyone thought it was “Photoshopped” as it was incomprehensible that a place like that exists.

This is not a tourist blog though and I want to tell you about the way they design living spaces and furniture they use. What makes Bali so special is that most material used for furniture and decorations are natural products. You’ll find lots of solid wood products as well as rattan weave furniture, baskets and lighting. They also use a lot of stone creations  It is one of the few places on earth where they do away with boundaries between in and outdoor living. Take for instance a bathroom, because of the warm weather, it is possible to embrace nature by having an open bathroom in the garden complete with outdoor shower and oversized bath tub. Incorporating natural stone, plants and bamboo. The villa that we stayed in had no kitchen walls. There was a massive Bali style thatch roof covering 40% of the backyard. In the centre, they built a stone island kitchen counter housing all appliances and work spaces. The boundary wall of the property encapsulated the garden, swimming pool, lounge and kitchen (all open plan). It acted as the building’s exterior wall creating a space where you are sheltered from the rain yet basically standing in the garden while making a cup of coffee. What they created was a space where you feel so close to nature (because you are literally in it) yet have all the luxuries and comforts we have grown so accustomed to.

Being in such a special place and taking in all the natural beauty, forces you to find your inner calm. While the landscapes are breath-taking and unique, the buildings incorporate the surroundings. From beautiful handmade wooden furniture to stunning natural woven rattan pendants, the indoors embraces the natural outdoor surroundings.  Even swimming pools are unique where they use green tiles to blend in with absolute bliss greenery that Bali is.

For myself it was a surreal experience, I saw inspiration in everything around me, I was really focused and motivated work wise, working out every day while eating healthy. I believe it all came down the magical setting they created when they built the villa. If you are at peace and focused, things just start going right.

Not everyone can just jump on the next flight to Bali and take time off or work remotely. Therefore we came up with our BYOB campaign which stands for Build your own Bali. We have curated a range of stunning lighting, furniture and decor items to help you build your very own sanctuary at home.

We hope you enjoy it…


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