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9 Ways to Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level

9 Ways to Take Your Outdoor Space to the Next Level

Say goodbye to your dull backyard of grass and weeds. Gone are the days of uninspiring house parties and lifeless lawns. Depending on your budget, you can turn your yard around by adding outdoor chairs in a prime location or redesigning your yard entirely. It’s possible to give your outdoor space a fresh look without breaking the bank. Take your outdoor space up a notch with these nine inspiring suggestions.

Considerations For Upgrading Your Outdoor Space

Preferred Features

Before you upgrade your outdoor space, decide which features are most important to you. For example, if you want to drive a riding lawnmower in your backyard, you may not want to redesign your backyard with stairs between areas. Think carefully about what elements of your backyard are essential to you so you can keep these features when redesigning your yard. If you have a favourite tree, statue, or walking path, be sure to point these out to others in your home so you can all be on the same page.


The climate you’re in may not suit your favourite plant life. We all know how hot and dry South Africa can be. Before you decide which plants you would like in your yard, ensure they can thrive in your location. Check how much light each plant needs, along with how much space it takes up. You can save time and money by researching before you buy.

Rules in Your Area

Check the rules of your area, including information about backyard features and their safety, such as pools and fences. You may want a wood-burning fire pit in your backyard. Ensure that wood-burning fires are legal or consider a gas fire pit instead. Perhaps you are looking to set up a chicken coop. Before you invest your resources in large plans, take the time to plan a realistic design for your ideal backyard.

The Next Level

Are you ready to dive into the designing world? Renovating your outdoor space can be a big project, but when you create a space you love to be in, the results are always worth it.


Keep your outdoor space up to date by applying a fresh coat of paint to exterior walls. Then, your redesigned outdoor space will fit right in when your house looks its best.

Doors and Windows

It’s easy to forget that the doors and windows visible from your backyard can impact the look and feel of your outdoor space. Consider switching the styles, painting them, adding curtains, or adding shutters, depending on your personal design tastes.

Comfortable Social Spaces

Choose high-quality outdoor furniture to add functionality to your outdoor space. Outdoor tables provide a spot to set sunscreen, pool toys, towels, or food trays. Even without a table, outdoor chairs work great when paired with a fire pit, grill, or outdoor rug.

  • The Leo dining chair is a handwoven outdoor chair available in two colours. Excellent for setting up near your pool.
  • The weatherproof Tela chair works well when you want a comfy, stackable outdoor chair to pair with your outdoor table.


Adding attractive plants to your yard is an easy way to make your outdoor space more appealing to look at. Consider large shade trees to create cool areas in your yard to sit under or fruit trees if you are interested in sustainable snacks. Use evergreens to screen your yard from neighbours since evergreens will not lose their leaves. Consider smaller decorative flowers if you want to divide your yard into separate areas.

  • If transplanting a tree or bush is outside your budget, consider decorating your yard with planter stands. These eye-catching designs can draw attention to your favourite small houseplants without looking out of place.


Installing outdoor lights can be expensive, especially if you hire someone to do it for you. Think carefully about which lights will work best in your space. If you want something that can keep wild animals away, flood lights might be a good option.

If you are looking for yard decorations, perhaps simple string lights will do the trick. String lights can provide a small amount of light to the area, and since they provide less light than a flood lamp, they are more affordable too. These lights fade into the background, making them pleasant to your guests without overwhelming or distracting them.

Even a few outdoor lights can add extra detail to any yard, making it clear you care about your guests’ experience.

  • Consider solar-powered lights, such as the Gobble Solar Wall Light. Solar-powered lights help you save money, and they help the planet too.

Separate Spaces

Use lawn features to create a separate space for your entertainment area. A popular trend in recent years involves using short walls and stairs to divide your yard into lower and higher spaces. Using vertical divider elements like these can make the eye believe there is more space in your yard than there is. If you plan to host many large social gatherings in your outdoor area, vertical design elements can help everyone feel comfortable without feeling crowded. Even if you don’t use your outdoor space frequently, having a functional space that looks larger can increase your home’s resale value.

  • Outdoor rugs are an affordable way to elevate your outdoor space long-term. Use an outdoor rug to distinctly separate your space into several sections, such as a place to eat versus a place to play card games versus a place to chat.

elevenpast is a South African home decor business for locals by locals. We live in Cape Town and know all about the local climate, so we provide outdoor chairs, outdoor lights, rugs, and more decor furniture items designed with South African homes in mind. Freshen your property on a budget, so it becomes a place you love to use. The best way to design your outdoor space is to develop a space that fits your preferences and personality.

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