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7 Lighting Trends to Brighten Your Home

7 Lighting Trends to Brighten Your Home

The lighting fixtures that you want to use in your kitchen are going to be very different from the lighting fixtures you want in your bedroom, bathrooms, or den. Choosing the most appropriate type of lighting for each space can drastically improve a space not just for the length of a party when you want to entertain your guests. Good lighting can drastically improve your entire experience in your home for as long as you live there.

However, we can’t deny that after a few years, some lighting designs can grow stale and leave your home looking old-fashioned. Are you eyeballing a list of upcoming home design trends? Is it time to freshen up the look of your house? Don’t forget to update your lights while you redecorate! After reviewing what the expert designers have had to say about lighting trends in 2022, we’ve put together this article for your browsing pleasure.

Indoor Lighting Trends

Lights That are the Centre of Attention

2022 is projected to see the rise of lights that seem to be “large and in charge.” Right now, the hot trend is to make your lighting piece the centre of attention in your living room—Go big and go bold! If you want a light focal point for your den, think of large bulbs, discs, and chandeliers of the elegant and extravagant variety. Your guests are sure to notice your eye-catching lighting choice right away, which can either be an interesting conversation starter or simply a funky and refreshing design to see.

There are many varieties of flashy lights, and choosing a shape, size, and material that fits the decor of your room is absolutely key. It can be challenging to determine which type of lighting suits your home best, but to get you started on ideas, here are a few of our suggestions for eye-catching lights:

  • Nest Ceiling Lights - This intriguing metal ball is sure to catch the eye with its net-like design. This light is 30 cm in diameter and is available in either black or gold. This light makes a fun office decoration.

  • Hilo Pendant Light Bamboo - This metal and bamboo pendant light will definitely catch the eye, not only with its large size but also with its unique material and how low it hangs from the ceiling. This powerful light works well for illuminating your dining table.

  • 12 Crystal Ceiling Light - A classy crystal light like this one works very well in a feminine or master bedroom as it gives off a sparkling and regal air. This light is even remote controlled and allows you to toggle between warm and cool light. If you have a particularly elegant den or dining room, this large crystal ceiling light may be the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Cordian Natural Rattan Pendant Light - This large light features a rattan texture that your houseguests can’t help but notice. This light is 45cm x 60 cm with a cord length of 150 cm. While this light could look amazing in a jungle-themed bedroom, it may work best in a den with a very high ceiling.

  • Latin Chrome Ceiling Light - These adjustable lights are more subtle in design than the options above, but are still unique enough to draw the eye in for a closer look. These satin chrome lights can be gently moved to point in different directions so you can customize this light according to the needs of your room. It works well in bedrooms that include toys, reading nooks, or desks.

  • Hanging Monkey Lamp Light Resin - Yes, you read that right. When discussing eye-catching light designs, we can’t overlook the hanging monkey lamp! Choose from a black, gold, or white monkey and plug this lamp to charm and bewilder your guests.

Table lamp sculptures

If you are looking to make a light the focal point of a room, why limit yourself to only ceiling lights? Don’t forget that table lamps can come in a variety of interesting shapes too! Since bold lighting options that draw the eye are all the rage right now, browse for intriguing designs that your family and friends will be happy to sit by and use. A fun lamp combined with a few nice books on the coffee table can turn anyone into an avid reader for a day.

  • Constellation Table Lamp - The Constellation Table Lamp features several pleasantly rounded bulbs, and the smooth smokey grey glass contrasts nicely with a sharp, square desk or table. This lamp is an excellent addition to any office, but also works well in the living room.

  • Lux Dylan Table Lamp - This squarish lamp has a funky base that you can’t resist running your hand along. This lamp has a steel tube base and should be cleaned carefully to avoid scratching the colour. Ask about having this item made especially for you and your home!

  • Opal Table Lamp - Some spaces benefit from a large, round table lamp instead of a square one. If you are looking to contrast a square coffee table with a softer lamp, then this Opal Table Lamp may be just what you are looking for.

  • Standing Monkey Lamp Resin - Of course, we can’t forget to showcase one of our favourite items: the standing monkey lamp resin! Just like its hanging counterpart, this monkey will no doubt catch the eye at a party. This table lamp stands 55 cm high, uses a standard E27 bulb (not included) and it comes in black, white, and gold.

Track lights

There’s no denying that track lights are coming back into style, this time with a more chic and polished appearance than in the past. If you have always considered track lights to be clunky and noticeable, think again. There are many sleek designs for track lights nowadays, and a lot more options for customizing the shape, size, style, and colour. Track lights are an excellent solution when you only need a small “spotlight” overhead, such as above an office desk or vanity. White lights blend into most ceilings while black provides much more of a pop.

  • Ruth 4 Tracking Light - These simple, polished chrome tracking lights are an elegant addition to any workspace, kitchen, or reading nook.

Why choose track lighting for your home? Tracks are versatile, and the lights are easy to adjust when you wish to focus or spread their light a little further. Use their beams to spotlight countertops, family photos, or artwork on the walls. Track lights also make convenient additions to closets and can light up any shelves or hanging clothes that are sometimes difficult to see.

  • TIP - Track lights involve many parts, and many pieces (such as track connectors) may not always be interchangeable between styles or brands. Try to purchase everything you need from a single manufacturer.

Lights that Suggest a Vintage or DIY Theme

Unfortunately, we are still feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in our daily lives. Sometimes, this can cause the products we are looking for to become more expensive or even be delayed. As a result, it’s become trendy in the last few years to buy vintage lights or DIY your own. Even if you aren’t a DIY expert yourself, you may be interested in choosing a light that embodies that general mish-mashed or old-fashioned style.

  • Vintage Vicky Wall Lights - These hanging wall lights include a cut glass shade that gives the whole thing an elegant crystal look, especially when combined with the satin gold fitting. It looks especially nice in the master bathroom.

  • Round Vintage Pendant Light - This white pendant light, made from metal, wood, and a beaded design, is a unique hanging light that you and your guests are sure to want to touch. If you’re looking for a light that captures the imagination but isn’t as big and flashy as the Cordian Natural Rattan or the 12 Crystal Ceiling lights, then this cute orb may be just right for you. It’s 400 mm x 350 mm.

More Wall Lights

Wall lights are frequently overlooked for use outside the bathroom, but downward-facing wall lights also make excellent asset lights above bookshelves or the mantle of your fireplace. If you are interested in upward-facing wall lights, consider an eye-catching design that can be used to illuminate a hallway.

  • Bell Wall Lights - These simple, aluminium wall lights are only 80 mm in shade diameter. Each LED lamp uses 5W of power. Our bell wall lights come in both white and black.

  • Pablo 2 Light Wall Lights - These wall lights give the appearance of a candle trapped inside a glass orb, which contrasts nicely with most hallway picture frames. The Pablo 2 wall lights can add a touch of old-fashioned charm to any part of your home.

Consider Symmetrical Layouts

Using your lighting fixtures, especially table and floor lamps, to create a symmetrical room design has always been a trendy choice. You can expect this to continue throughout 2022. Are you itching to redesign your living room? Here are a few tips if you are looking to create a symmetrical design:

  • Opt for nightstands at both ends of your sofa and top each one with a table lamp

  • If you intend to create a symmetrical design, you should certainly consider investing in matching lamps, so we recommend that you always take the time to choose a design you truly like

  • While symmetrical designs may be trending, you should also think about contrast. When used carefully, contrast can bring a “wow” factor to any room in a way that makes your lighting features pop. Consider using one lamp design on one side of your sofa and a separate design on the other side

  • Creating a space that feels symmetrical does not always require you to create a perfectly symmetrical space. Often, simply paralleling what you see on one side of the room on the other can make a room feel united, even if the minor details differ

Outdoor Lighting Trends

You should pay just as much attention to the exterior lighting you choose as you do to the interior. The lighting in your yard can do so much more than simply light the grass or frighten small animals away when it flickers on. Proper lighting features can set the mood of your home, even if they’re turned off. The secret? It’s all in the design style you choose.

  • Allen Wall Lights - As their name implies, Allen wall lights should be fixed on the exterior walls of your home. They do not take up much room on the wall, and their lantern shape (along with frosted glass panels) provides plenty of light to the outdoors. Placing one of these on either side of your front door or garage door can give your house a look both homely and elegant.

  • Classic Spike Solar Garden Lights - When you wish to light your yard away from the house walls, consider spiked garden lights. These classic spikes not only do the job right but shine crystal clear and look great too. The shade lens is made of plastic, so you won’t need to worry about finding broken glass in your yard if someone kicks a football a little too hard. When you purchase these classic spikes, you will receive a box of 10 to line your walking path with or scatter throughout your yard however you wish.

  • Speckled Glass Pillar Light - Of course, elegant glass still has its place even in outdoor design. Consider the Speckled Glass Pillar Light, which runs on LEDs or Energy Saver light bulbs. The charming glow of this small light will bring a peaceful mood to any outdoor gathering. These pillar lights measure 150 mm wide and 370 mm tall.

Elevenpast offers a wide assortment of lighting fixtures, and each one can bring a completely different vibe to your home, indoors or out. Feeling inspired, but didn’t quite find your favourite design here? Browse our full lighting collection online today and contact us with any questions you may have before or after you buy.

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